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I'm a simple girl who enjoys a big sandwich. In fact, all of my favorite childhood books had to do with food: Jellybeans for Breakfast, How to Make a Sandwich, On Top of Spaghetti, 1-2-3 with Ant and Bee. (Okay so that last one doesn't seem inherently like a food book, but it taught counting using little, teeny tiny, drawn food items. I loved it.) I learned to knit many years ago, but instead of knitting great things, I'd misplace the needles, leaving half-pairs all around my parent's house.

You see, I was busy being "stunt sister" for my big brother and big brothers aren't concerned about knitting, at least mine wasn't. He was more about thinking up crazy stuff and then getting me to do it. An example you ask? Well, there was a time when he made me climb out onto a ladder, set horizontally off of the edge of our tree house platform, using only his weight on the other end to keep me from plummeting to the ground. Oh, the stories that I could tell you...but wait, that's not why I started this site.

I recently started toying with the idea of knitting again toward the end of 2004 and haven't looked back. I knew that I was hooked when I watched Le Divorce and was more concerned with the sweaters (which had to have been knitted in Colinette Point 5) than the actual scene itself. I was convinced it was for me when I saw a pattern that went a little something like this: P3, Cr3L, P2, MB, P2, Cr3R, P3 -- it looked a little like the Chemistry I studied in college that I loved so much! 1,6-dichloro-1,6-dideoxy-BETA-D-fructofuranosyl-4-chloro-4-deoxy-alpha-D-galactopyranoside aka C12H19Cl3O8 see what I mean??